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It’s so simple. Why is Chic-Fil-A getting the better of our folks

I’m trying to follow the conservative logic here. If a non-conservative or non-Christian or non-white person doesn’t accept the conservative, Christian, white people’s intolerance, then they are the person who is intolerant? Isn’t that kind of like if an African American doesn’t accept a skinhead’s racism against them, than the black person is the one who is actually racist? What I think I’ve figured out is that If a person speaks up and asks for basic human rights that another group is trying to deny them, than the person asking for their rights is infringing upon the rights of someone else to take the rights away from them and that infringement is actually worse than asking for your rights in the first place. I think. Conservative logic is hard to understand

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Don’t feel sorry for Meg Whitman. A swift kick out the door for pandering to Proph8ers that dares not speak it’s name.

Prop 8 not withstanding really glad to be in California again. (as usual with NY being among the few other modern places to live in the hemisphere.)

Is it modern that i keep having the urge to gloat about the election to Meg Whitman.

This mailing piece got to me the last possible day before the election. it was clearly composed after the point that they knew they were done.

Classy exit.

There’s not a single possible reason for the careful one man/one woman silhouette image. (with one little man and one little woman, appropriately spaced as well. what are they thinking? it concerns me.) Happily as Jeremy (Goodasyou.org) responded, she’s learning there isn’t a “Buy Now” button on the Governatorship.

This is offensive crap but it’s also nice not to be the ones in a closet, furtively communicating with semio-signifiers.

And it does look like Poltergeist, Close Encounters or a huge bonfire of $140 million and with what little reputation was around burned up as kindling.

The only time i met Meg Whitman was at PCForum, a somewhat selective tech conference of about 600 or s0.  She was fortunate as a first timer to have one of the most known and respected woman exec in the industry at that point  introducing her around and ensuring she was situated. My brief interaction with Whitman was a zero. She was nervous and inappropriately patronizing. Her guide, an open lesbian, was patient and generous, thought could have had a much better time.  Fast forward and in the final months of the campaign, Whitman had her fundraiser at eBay canceled because of her Pro8 support; and founder Pierre Omidyar told the pres he could not endore her and that if he still lived in Caliornia would have found it “difficult” to vote for her. They cynicism is just unfathomable. i hope there is karma in this . Maybe team up with ken Mehman and keep spending.

Make this part of her perm record.

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Wonder what that image is for below. Doesn't go with any bullet points.


Wonder what that image is for below. Doesn't go with any bullet points.

Oil spill, empathy, luxury goods, presidents, and Maddow

Trawling for music, happened upon this video on Agenda Inc., an agency of smart people who, in their own words  “are constantly trying to understand how luxury brands – and the consumers who sponsor their survival – will behave in the future.”

What a strange sentence. Kind of gross and outside where my head is these days. But, it was my first visit to the blog. I’d followed a link from a blogger who’s not let me down before. And i’d enjoyed what little i’d grazed of their posts so far. So i ended up watching this masterfully illustrated version of a very well organized, thought out and delivered talk by Jeremy Rifkin on the ideas  in his book The Empathetic Civilization . In the afterglow of a tube experience, pretty quickly i realized i didn’t actually feel like i’d really learned anything. I’m pretty sure I never put things all together like this, but it’s hardly a giant leap from any number of pleading harangs (which i can be a sucker for) though perhaps more compelling for its matter of fact presentation.

I’ve never seen a flashmob of empathy like the one there was when the earthquake destroyed Haiti. I’ve never so easily seen people admit to fear and to not being able to control the pain and tears seeing pictures of animals fighting to live in the Gulf. And it’s clear to me that the basic outlines of human evolution from common roots to larger and larger tribes as presented in the talk is sound, if not obvious, but the rationale seems to miss a point.

Families, religions, nations seem sadly more likely to form and be strengthened in times of aggression or when forced to defend. And it’s certainly easier — even among, or maybe especially among, the educated and successful civil society — to recall significan actions taken by many for relatively minor reasons of self interest or insecurity than it is to name a few instances of minor empathy that isn”t actually more a mask for more of the same insecurity and self interest.  For a Haiti, there’s a New Orleans Hurricane. For people moved by scenes int he gulf there are executives at BP and Halliburton and an ambivalent class of politicians.

And i certainly don’t have an answer for all that, any of that, except Rachel Maddow

And i suppose upon double reflection that Agenda Inc. is not so far out there in their urge and mission. i mean there’s soemthing of a hint of a potential Robin Hood role in the Luxury Brand wold in saying – “In the post-recessionary culture, it is a good time to analyze whether some of the strategic theories of luxury brands – currently based around the materialistic, can be supplemented with more empathic ideas. ”  I have to say though it still makes me feel like the logical conclusions should put them logically and happily out of  a job convincing folks that well made goods that are in and of themselves remarkable and eye catching and nicely presented are somehow worth a multiple with a name over what htey should be valued at.

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Answer to anonymous whose comments aren’t posted and to anyone else considering wasting time looking for coherence. : Not his blog isn’t’ going anywhere. It’s for my SEO experiments, resume, and a way to stach video i might want someday lik these, Enjoy or don’t.

Mathematics, too cool for school.

Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

…and Falling Water, no matter how many times you’ve seen it or how overwrought the music.

Fallingwater from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

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How to fix a cracked iPhone 3G/s screen Los Angeles Edition. My first flawless customer experience

Just saw a post on the Solvate blog How to fix a cracked iPhone 3G screen, New York edition: navigating the seemingly inconvenient and expensive options out there and it sparked me to get this out now. Follow the link for how to get it fixed in NYC similar to my experience below.

I’ve been in a strange mood all weekend. Then it hit me. i don’t think i’ve ever had a totally satisfying customer service experience in an emergency until last Friday.


It’s common. Those Iphone  screens crack or shatter with regularlity. As yet another profit center the Apple stores recently started fixing them for $199 on a walk in basis. that means it’s easy, but at that rate you’re almost getting a new phone.

I thought i’d try to avoid a trip to the Promenade and see if i could get it cheaper. I had a similar experience to the NYC blogger. I found kits  for under $30 but the howto video required a suction cup, double sided tape, a heat gun(?) \ and a razor blade, not to mention ordering this kit by mail. Would have quickly been more than  $199 in phone replacement.

There are also tons of  mail off places and i’m sure they ‘re fine, but i wasn’t sending it off  and riskiign it all to save $40 or soemthing.  Last attempt was a local search.

It uncovered  Ifixnow.com. if I’d been ready then he would have had me over.  800 number. Takes appointments, Says repairs take 20 minutes. Took under 20 minutes. Phone returned fixed , cleaned and with one of those peel off protectors that made it feel like a virgin, though obviously still ATT.

 So if it happens to you in LA–particularly on the west side  or near LAX– definitely try out this service reachable online or toll free at 888-998-0777. It’s a one-man show out of a perfectly fine apartment in MarVista

i literally can’t remember ever feeling the urge to write a review like this but it had promise, delivery,  service and professionalism, value, and speed in the comfortable living room –which as advertised let me "Enjoy FREE refreshments and internet while we repair your iPod Touch or iPhone".

He — and i wish i could remember his name — was even conscious even the perception of  privacy making sure i had the Sim card out when i went to take a walk. 90 day guarantee. A nicely designed business card with  20% offer for a friend or next time.

Why can’t the cable, dishwasher, plumbing, gardening, car repair, doctors, vets, and everyone else figure this out. Set clear expectations that are  desireable, live up to them. Charge a fair price that rewards them without leaving the customer feeling like an idiot.

i’m not use to feeling limerant about a customber service thing . ( Actually not so limerant about much in a while but to be expected and make this all the better.)

i see now he takes mail in’s as well. I nixed that idea out of obvious concerns. While i can’t vouch for the man,having known him fewer than 20 minutes, my feeling onthe whole thing was if you can’t easily get it done near you , arrange to send it to him through the site for overnight.

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