LastFM, Pandora are nice. Musicovery is astonishing.

screen shot of Musicovery on goffspot.comUPDATE: Musicovery is down. Too big of a response. On the site, “We plan to rapidly provide the service again on a more sustainable basis.” Send mail to get an alert when they are back to:

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LastFM and Pandora have gotten much deserved attention. And, i’ve been pleased to enjoy them…all the while discounting the fact that LastFM seems like too much comittment and Pandora is more complicated than it needs to be for what you get. Playing with Musicovery once, it’s clearly something different. Check it out. You think you know what it does, and then it does something else. users are saying…(the French is pretty self explanatory).

  • The coolest radio ever

– tcboo

  • music discovery tool
  • Great music discovery concept. It’s in French though.
  • Music-choosing tool and player…choose songs by emotional association…same as you would buy grapes…
  • A flash based web radio. Very slick, very cool

– iamthepinkylifter

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