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Stuff White People Like

I can’t be the last to know about this seeming follow up to Black People Love Us
Fight the urge to qualify, parse, fight, defend…at least until the comments piss you off. (2500+ comments on the “Asian Girls” topic alone at this point.)

Then join the Facebook group

Top Posts from “Full List of Stuff White People Like”
#96 New Balance Shoes
White People in the News: Education Special
#11 Asian Girls
#1 Coffee
#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside
#4 Assists
#88 Having Gay Friends
#2 Religions that their parents don’t belong to
#81 Graduate School

Of course there is already a Stuff Queer People Like in nascent stages, an offshoot of a blog to watch.

Flattering Company: DailyKos, Deadspin, PerezHilton & CuteOverload

Newsweek has named Towleroad one of its 5 “It” Blogs in the July 9, 2007 issue. The whole package is great, “What You Need To Know Now”.

Wow, great company to be in. Congrats, to all. We learn tons from these guys — especially the cat pics on Cuteoverload — all the time.

If you don’t know these other blog, please check them out. Now. And since Newsweek doesn’t actually link to its It Blogs on the site it has with MSNBC, here are some links. Don’t want you to mess up your wrist.

  • Gossip: PerezHilton
  • Politics: DailyKos
  • Sports:Deadspin
  • Pets: CuteOverload
  • Gay: TowleRoad
  • Press Release: From Brokeback to Foley and Beyonce: Towleroad More Than Doubles Visits in 2006 Becoming Go-To Site for Gay News & Entertainment ; Partners with Out Mag Founder to Expand

    towleroad logo and taglineTowleroad visitor numbers make the site “with homosexual tendencies” one of the most consulted sources for gay men. With 3.5 million unique users last year — 500,000 in January ’07 alone — broad recognition of its key-site status for both political and entertainment stories, Towleroad clearly has many choices for expansion. As advertisers are increasingly interested Site founder Andy Towle, reveals a partnership to “combine efforts” wtih Out-magazine founder and former MSN general manager, Michael Goff, that has been operating in “stealth mode” for six months.

    New York, NY (PRWEB) January 31, 2007 — Towleroad premium gay news for gay men (http://www.towleroad.com) attracted more than 3.5 million unique visitors in 2006, will hit 500,000 unique visitors for January, and served more than 20 million pageviews last year to its site “with homosexual tendencies.” Founder Andy Towle thanked [Read more →]

    We’re back. Working in a bipartisan fashion, with a caveat.

    In case anyone noticed, we were down for 5 days from an attack by an outsider or one of the many sites co-hosted on my server at the host.

    It might have been my unpublished post about how i look forward to working in a bipartisan manner with Republicans just as soon as we impeach this Republican and get some other ones in there.

    Didn’t anyone else feel like perhaps it would have been better to just step back a second and let W squirm, rather than rush to the White House and any available mic to say how eager Democrats were to work with the president, going from “worse than Nixon” to “work with the president” literally overnight. And the image of Pelosi at the White House just reminded me of the no-idea Dems pushing for war in Iraq and left me with that sinking new-boss-same-as-the-old boss feeling.

    But as in my prediction that the dems could never take both houses, I would be delighted to be wrong.

    Craigslist: Capitalist Tool. Cr(t)aigslist: Biz travel hack.

    It’s not Forbes magazine. It’s neo -hippy -do -good -won’t -ipo -customer-focused -san-francisco -kook -free-speech -of-a-business that’s changing offline small business as much as any online entity. Thanks to Craigslist, I just rented my little backhouse in a single day for the third time in five years, at my asking price with plenty of back-up interest. Cost: $0

    After the guy who re-did the shower and another who hauled away the junk, Craigslist served up the recent-immigrant entrepreneur whose team cleaned and shampooed the rugs. He doesn’t know where that list came from or who this Craig is, but "I don’t waste my money on the other places anymore. I stopped every one." Not a single ad in newspapers, yellow pages, penny savers, or Yahoo Local like he used to. He gets more calls, almost all from the better-off with more computers. And that’s fine by him. As is the cost. He doesn’t think much of the prospects for newspapers going forward. Does a good job too.

    And finally, a business-travel lifehack that’s made my life better…Since about a year ago, if I am in a city for more than a few days with work to do, first thing I buy a used CRT monitor off Craigslist. I send off 3-5 emails when i hit town and usually get a quick response. The longest took 5-6 hours. They’re about 1/10th the cost asked by retail rental services, and these monitors are conveniently all over town rather than in a single store. Here’s the rss feed for monitors under $100 in NY.

    I acquired one after a late flight, when it was hard to get a cab but a seller responded in minutes. I was back at my hotel, set up, and revising notes for a morning meeting within 20 minutes. There’s always a choice of 17" and 19" models, ranging from "come and get them" to "$35". And I’ve been lucky to find always find them blocks or a quick cab from my where i’m staying. Most laptops support extended desktop mode, so even a 15" doubles your work area. Twice, I got a full size keyboard thrown in when i asked if they had one for sale. (You can also get them new for under $10 in discount stores.). And when i leave….
    Then I just abandon them. I just check out. I leave them in the room. **
    It feels wrong. I’ve offered a last gasp of life to those beasts that will never be allowed on my desk at home again. Hotels won’t hold them for others because they really are big and ugly. The maids don’t want them, nor could they get a 1000 pound monitor out without some management rule kicking in. I’ve offered them back to sellers saying I’d leave the monitor for pick up at the front desk. But even with assurances that i’m not looking for a refund, they admit they don’t ever want to see the things again.

    I even tried to ignite an entrepreneurial flame in one seller, promising i’d rent one every time if he’d deliver and pickup. And i assured him there were clearly others like me. He wasn’t having it. Maybe someone else out there can make that work. Othewise, I’ll keep doing this until they’re gone.
    **ASIDE (Tip): I have learned to leave a note taped to the screen so you don’t get off the plane to messages on every number you have from the concierge, proudly assuring you that your precious equipment is safe and will be shipped off and billed to your credit card. I did head that off.

    cc attribution license pics. By Flickr members: southernpixel, endlisnis, and akubba

    RSS feeds. Grazr: Hope you have a few hours.

    Check out the RSS reader at the bottom of the sidebar. Feeds chosen by Duncan Rawlinson of The Last Minute Blog Incredible. A zeitgeek bonanza…and giving me more ideas for compiling my own. Beware.

    Webnotes 2: Free phone & conf calls; MySpace explained; Treehugger notes

    • voip phone freeMy last post suggested trying Skype. This post’s tipping you to what looks to be a not bad FREE $40 VOIP phone with which to use it (or AOL, or Vonage, or any of the others. internet phone services.)
    • Check out Vyew, among the coolest of the new wave of web applications. It just works. You can sign on, invite people, and have a conference online. And it’s free. Even for the conference calling part. (Though i’ve also been using Free Conference, you can’t draw a picture, show a map, or go through a document.) Use it to chat while on a conference call…cool for that too.
    • And speaking of Myspace, if you want to understand what all that’s about as well as the rest of this social media thing (and a bunch of other things in life I find as i read more and more of her stuff), please check out Dana Boyd who’s writing it and a whole lot more at Berkeley. She’s one of those folks online who are consistently brilliant as in her piece on G/localization. I end up reading her again and again, passing on her pieces, and now sharing with you. And she joins Oprah, author (and friend of mine) Ari (Female Chauvanist Pig) Levy in cheering on Pink’s new CD. it’s political, strong and yo can dance to it.. (Warning: Boyd makes new and possibly difficult things seem obvious, and has more than once made me feel unworthy of blogging, writing, or participating. Typically academics rub me wrong, insisting they know better than those involved. That’s clearly not the case here. While i may be late to loving Oprah (another day), i’ve loved watching Pink com stretch and grow (and make a new feminism her own). And she clarifies what’s likely to be rubbing you the wrong way with the current demonizing conventional wisdom about MySpace.)
    • And a heads up on cool stuff with two sites I advise. Now Public has added a ton of features with more on the way. They boast a staggering 10,000 contributors globally. (While a bunch of the so called social media sites continue to scrape for postings and participants. It’s the tools and the community and the output that are interesting in this case. Treehugger’s expanded into TV with a bunch of different offerings and the latest spinoff, hugg.com which is hard to explain, but is definitely a trendcollission mashing up digg.com with the green movement and a DIY spin. But it works!

    BarCampLA: What it is…

    BarCamp is live performance blogging.

    …with full audience participation.

    …and it’s not as bad as that sounds.

    • An overview of BarCampLA in David Markland’s video log from blogging.la

    Like the blogosphere, simple tools that work, ostensibly polite people with an obsession or three to share, conversations with faster comments, real asides and trackbacks, blog stalkers, climbers and celebs.
    Posts, or presentations, ranged from 1st grade art class (pic: Cody Simms, kid’s allright) Barcamp first grade art class. pic by Cody Simmsto seriously alpha-geek visions for things i hadn’t considered. Also a young guy’s fleshed out plan for a tv network, the launch of a new non-profit, Bloggingforgood, (not too late to join), and Jason Calacanis‘ critique of 10 overblown digital entities in 15 minutes, with the audience as his geek chorus yelling “Bullshit”.

    And to round up: the content was better than you’d expect, if not as varied as the blogosphere. A lawyer and a Microsoft evangelist business blogged, a Scottish dude in kilt podcasted through, a Franklin Covey-hating dominatrix (and certified hypnotist/life coach ) prostelytized for the cult of Getting Things Done, Belkin came thorugh with a pile of free powerstrips…and somehow, though it seems impossible, I didn’t hear a single reference to the Oscar’s all day.