YouTube and Learning from Mark Cuban

The Quote:

Only a ‘moron’ would buy YouTube
–Mark Cuban (CNET reported)

The Lesson: Mark Cuban has started, supported and owned many wonderful things. There’s a lot to admire and emulate. (No, really. Click that link to Long Tail blog’s list from last year.) I do think particularly highly of his willingness to say things, know full well the obvious linking that will be done, and not care one bit.

The Obvious Wikipedia Link: was a web radio company founded as “AudioNet” in 1995 by Mark Cuban…

In April 1999, was acquired by Yahoo! for $5.7 billion in stock and became Yahoo! Broadcast Solutions. Over the next few years Yahoo! split the services previously offered by into separate services, Yahoo! Launchcast for music and Yahoo! Platinum for video entertainment. Yahoo! Platinum has since been discontinued, its functionality being offered as part of two pay services, AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet and Yahoo! Plus.

As of 2006, neither nor are distinct web addresses; both simply redirect to

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