Musicovery: Back and still beating LastFM, Pandora, Fiql, Imeem, Webjay. (With Short List: Discover Music & Share with friends)

I’m not usually one to be there with an over the top rave, but you have to check this thing out…

I was really beginning to wonder if it would ever come back. I was even starting to think i had been mistaken about how great it was. And more than one friend who didn’t see it has challenged me on my effusions.

Well, I still like it. Even more than before. Sure there’s an Amazon banner and ads, but they go away with the new option to pay for CD-quality sound.

Shouldn’t there be a way to hook this up with the new super-fast Apple home wireless and get this through the house? (Well, it’s not Itunes, so not likely to have a solution from them.) It’s amazingly beautiful, useable, friendly (courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave and clean.) “Reverent” is is not. and that’s all that remains of my brief stint as a boyscout as well (see an upcoming post for further revelations as i endeavor to become the very last person in the world to address the 5 things you once were meme that i was tagged with months ago)…

Short List: Discover Music, Share With Friends

There is at least one really special thing about each of these, and one might be best for you. I have use for a few depending on where i’m listening, and who i’m sharing with. Every one has redeeming qualities.

  • LastFM (Trusty. Reliable. Easy to explain. would have been it if all the rest hadn’t happened.
  • Pandora (Bionics. I’ve enjoyed my Massive Erotic City Attack mix, with hours of music that i can’t put my finger on how, but just does sound like Madonna and Prince fronting UK electronica)
  • Imeem (Sharing music on playlists with your friends. A whole Social Network.)
  • Webjay (which truly changed everything)
  • Faces (upload playlist and embed player somewhere likeMultiply)
  • Qnext (looks great. Just started trying out the just-available version 3.0 which allows you to “webcast” your stuff, allows peer-to-peer music sharing among friends combined with a or Meebo type multi-instant-messenger capability that bring Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, ICQ and AOL/AIM into a single instant message window. The styling’s nice too.
  • FIQL (amps it up and take it out all dressed nice, but somehow doesn’t have the energy of W’Jay.)
  • Beatport (though doesn’e necessarily fit with the others but is as beautiful as any and a great place to buy electronic and dance music)

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