Flattering Company: DailyKos, Deadspin, PerezHilton & CuteOverload

Newsweek has named Towleroad one of its 5 “It” Blogs in the July 9, 2007 issue. The whole package is great, “What You Need To Know Now”.

Wow, great company to be in. Congrats, to all. We learn tons from these guys — especially the cat pics on Cuteoverload — all the time.

If you don’t know these other blog, please check them out. Now. And since Newsweek doesn’t actually link to its It Blogs on the site it has with MSNBC, here are some links. Don’t want you to mess up your wrist.

  • Gossip: PerezHilton
  • Politics: DailyKos
  • Sports:Deadspin
  • Pets: CuteOverload
  • Gay: TowleRoad
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