Don’t feel sorry for Meg Whitman. A swift kick out the door for pandering to Proph8ers that dares not speak it’s name.

Prop 8 not withstanding really glad to be in California again. (as usual with NY being among the few other modern places to live in the hemisphere.)

Is it modern that i keep having the urge to gloat about the election to Meg Whitman.

This mailing piece got to me the last possible day before the election. it was clearly composed after the point that they knew they were done.

Classy exit.

There’s not a single possible reason for the careful one man/one woman silhouette image. (with one little man and one little woman, appropriately spaced as well. what are they thinking? it concerns me.) Happily as Jeremy ( responded, she’s learning there isn’t a “Buy Now” button on the Governatorship.

This is offensive crap but it’s also nice not to be the ones in a closet, furtively communicating with semio-signifiers.

And it does look like Poltergeist, Close Encounters or a huge bonfire of $140 million and with what little reputation was around burned up as kindling.

The only time i met Meg Whitman was at PCForum, a somewhat selective tech conference of about 600 or s0.  She was fortunate as a first timer to have one of the most known and respected woman exec in the industry at that point  introducing her around and ensuring she was situated. My brief interaction with Whitman was a zero. She was nervous and inappropriately patronizing. Her guide, an open lesbian, was patient and generous, thought could have had a much better time.  Fast forward and in the final months of the campaign, Whitman had her fundraiser at eBay canceled because of her Pro8 support; and founder Pierre Omidyar told the pres he could not endore her and that if he still lived in Caliornia would have found it “difficult” to vote for her. They cynicism is just unfathomable. i hope there is karma in this . Maybe team up with ken Mehman and keep spending.

Make this part of her perm record.

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Wonder what that image is for below. Doesn't go with any bullet points.


Wonder what that image is for below. Doesn't go with any bullet points.

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