It’s so simple. Why is Chic-Fil-A getting the better of our folks

I’m trying to follow the conservative logic here. If a non-conservative or non-Christian or non-white person doesn’t accept the conservative, Christian, white people’s intolerance, then they are the person who is intolerant? Isn’t that kind of like if an African American doesn’t accept a skinhead’s racism against them, than the black person is the one who is actually racist? What I think I’ve figured out is that If a person speaks up and asks for basic human rights that another group is trying to deny them, than the person asking for their rights is infringing upon the rights of someone else to take the rights away from them and that infringement is actually worse than asking for your rights in the first place. I think. Conservative logic is hard to understand

REGENT032 SAT, 08/04/2012 – 7:06PM

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