Out Magazine Recognized Among 30 Hottest Magazine Launches of Past 30 Years


OUT named one of the hottest magazine launches

The 30 Hottest Magazine Launches of the Past 30 Years…


Samir Husni wrote, “The last 30 years in the life of American magazines were, to say the least, the best and the worst of years. The era from 1985 to 2015 was described as the golden age of American magazines and also as the changing age of American magazines.”

and notes how the hottest magazine launches were chosen…

“Here are some of the criteria I used when choosing those titles:

1. The magazine must have been continuously published since its inception

2. The magazine must have been in business since at least 2012
3. The magazine must have either broken new ground or entered a very competitive market and thrived in it
4. The magazine must have transferred from a magazine to a brand
5. The magazine must have extended its reach beyond the ink and paper and/or created other entities based on its DNA
6. The magazine crossed the borders of the United States and created international editions worldwide
7. The magazine today is a force to contend with in its specific category of publishing”

for all of us involved with the magazine having including Out with the Hottest magazine launches is humbling and gratifying. Other magazines recognized included, Dwell, Entertainment Weekly, Fast Company, Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, In Style, Men’s Health, Mental Floss, The Week, Real Simple, ESPN and Cooking Light.

Husni was a supporter of and interested in the launch since the beginning. He gave advice to a random young man who came up to his booth at a conference, followed the launch, and recognized its success when that happened in an article ,  “The mainstreaming of gay titles” long before naming it one of the hottest magazine launches…

“From Waldenbooks to the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain, gay magazines… can now be seen and purchased at a majority of newsstands and grocery chains that never carried any such titles before this year.

The “outing” of gay magazines can be credited to two key factors: Michael Goff and the changing content of gay publications. Although Goff is not the first to publish a gay lifestyle magazine, the president and editor in chief of the New York City-based bimonthly Out has been a major influence in altering the category’s image.”

— Folio magazine, Samir Husni. Sept 1, 1993

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