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How to fix a cracked iPhone 3G/s screen Los Angeles Edition. My first flawless customer experience

Just saw a post on the Solvate blog How to fix a cracked iPhone 3G screen, New York edition: navigating the seemingly inconvenient and expensive options out there and it sparked me to get this out now. Follow the link for how to get it fixed in NYC similar to my experience below.

I’ve been in a strange mood all weekend. Then it hit me. i don’t think i’ve ever had a totally satisfying customer service experience in an emergency until last Friday.


It’s common. Those Iphone  screens crack or shatter with regularlity. As yet another profit center the Apple stores recently started fixing them for $199 on a walk in basis. that means it’s easy, but at that rate you’re almost getting a new phone.

I thought i’d try to avoid a trip to the Promenade and see if i could get it cheaper. I had a similar experience to the NYC blogger. I found kits  for under $30 but the howto video required a suction cup, double sided tape, a heat gun(?) \ and a razor blade, not to mention ordering this kit by mail. Would have quickly been more than  $199 in phone replacement.

There are also tons of  mail off places and i’m sure they ‘re fine, but i wasn’t sending it off  and riskiign it all to save $40 or soemthing.  Last attempt was a local search.

It uncovered  Ifixnow.com. if I’d been ready then he would have had me over.  800 number. Takes appointments, Says repairs take 20 minutes. Took under 20 minutes. Phone returned fixed , cleaned and with one of those peel off protectors that made it feel like a virgin, though obviously still ATT.

 So if it happens to you in LA–particularly on the west side  or near LAX– definitely try out this service reachable online or toll free at 888-998-0777. It’s a one-man show out of a perfectly fine apartment in MarVista

i literally can’t remember ever feeling the urge to write a review like this but it had promise, delivery,  service and professionalism, value, and speed in the comfortable living room –which as advertised let me "Enjoy FREE refreshments and internet while we repair your iPod Touch or iPhone".

He — and i wish i could remember his name — was even conscious even the perception of  privacy making sure i had the Sim card out when i went to take a walk. 90 day guarantee. A nicely designed business card with  20% offer for a friend or next time.

Why can’t the cable, dishwasher, plumbing, gardening, car repair, doctors, vets, and everyone else figure this out. Set clear expectations that are  desireable, live up to them. Charge a fair price that rewards them without leaving the customer feeling like an idiot.

i’m not use to feeling limerant about a customber service thing . ( Actually not so limerant about much in a while but to be expected and make this all the better.)

i see now he takes mail in’s as well. I nixed that idea out of obvious concerns. While i can’t vouch for the man,having known him fewer than 20 minutes, my feeling onthe whole thing was if you can’t easily get it done near you , arrange to send it to him through the site for overnight.

Edgeio Listing: For Rent. (cozy) clean House. Secure. Venice Beach

Note: The tag “listing” on this post signals new beta web service Edgeio to pick it up and make it available, i guess including this note. We’ll see. Cool. Right? Keith Teare, former leader of Real Names (disc: where i was once on an advisory board) brings us Edgeio. This was supposed to happen in the future. Not now. That’s Keith. (Hi Keith! Congrats. Why send email?)


For Rent. (cozy) clean House. Secure. Venice Beach

$1650. 1 Bedroom. Will landscape with tenant. Pets OK. PHOTOS
Available immediately. Rest of Feb FREE.
Rare deal…only free standing home in Venice at this price. (Craigslist’s “venice” search , which, of course, includes houses on the Blvd. but not at the beach.)

Small house (400sq feet) on nice size fenced lot (approx 2,000 sq ft), clean, convenient and homey. Completely fenced and separated from other houses. Has own alley entrance.

New gate and privacy fencing. New paint, new carpet inside three months ago.
Off-street parking for two.
Pets ok, and safe.

Blocks to Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney, Main St, Santa Monica, Rose, Lincoln.
Great for a single person.

Fridge included.
I will be replacing kitchen linoleum, and will be landscaping for privacy and comfort including creation of outdoor sitting area. Tenant’s input is welcome.

Email me if you are interested, have good credit (and can provide a credit report), and are able to provide move-in funds of $4950(first+last+security).

Google Map

Gmail address: goffgoff

edgeio-key: 4f292cc71b37d6fe25ef1ee15c745e3aca3abb68